Five million dogs are bred in our nation's puppy mills every year - every year, five million dogs and puppies are put to sleep in our nation's shelters because there aren't enough homes to go around.
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Dedicated to Washoe County's continued excellence as a world-leader in the treatment of animals.
From bigBox stores like PetCo and PetSmart, to locally owned shops, businesses everywhere are taking the pet out of the pet store and offering everything else you need to have your animal companion thrive.

Adopt, don't shop, or aquire from a reputable [breed] Club of America breeder. 25% of animals in shelters are purebreds. Rescue groups exist for nearly every breed imaginable. Puppy too much for you? Find a one year old, or senior animal in need of a home.

If you have had an experience with a sick puppy from a local Reno store, please contact us.

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The facts are simple. In Washoe County, our per capita animal intake is nearly triple the national average—38 dogs and cats per 1,000 people versus 14 dogs and cats per 1,000 people on average nationally. Sources: Nevada Humane Society & Maddie's Fund.

Cruelty-Free Pet Supplies and Adoption Opportunities in Northern Nevada

Caitlin Kroshus tells her families' story of adopting JAKE, who spent ½ his life in shelters, a sad dog languishing, until one day….

How To Acquire An Animal Companion

Video: "Adopt a shelter or rescue dog today."

How to Educate People to Not Buy Dogs at Pet Stores, eHow
Here are ways to educate your friends, neighbors, family and anyone else you know about pet stores-so that cruel puppy mills will be a thing of the past.

Let prospective pet owners know that puppy mill dogs are continuously kept pregnant and thus aren't passing on the proper nutrition to the next litter of puppies. Puppies sold at pet stores and over the Internet are likely to have health problems due to neglect, inbreeding, over-breeding and being taken from their mothers too early, and many consumers are faced with significant veterinary bills, or even the death of their puppy. On top of the steep prices that pet stores normally charge, odds are they will spend a good deal more in vet bills. More…
This is my baby Luna. She is about a year and a half. I rescued her from the Humane Society of Reno back in November. She was very cautious of everything, and everyone around her and I was told at the shelter that she hadn't been adopted because others were worried she was too shy and scared of evertthing. I saw the fear in her eyes and immediately knew i could change this dogs life around completely. And so i did. November 3rd i called my parents and let them know i was bringing a new friend home whether they liked it or not haha and now, she is the most loving, outgoing, and smart dog anyone could ever ask for. She is a changed dog for the better, all she needed was someone to take a chance on her.

—Skye Quiggle

"This is my adoptee, Winnie and me. I sooo luv her and can't imagine my life without her!!!"


"Let us guide you on your quest for a happy, healthy puppy from a responsible source!

Many people are unknowingly buying or adopting sick and under-socialized puppies. This reality causes human heartbreak and animal suffering. It is costly, both emotionally and financially.

The choices YOU make NOW will maximize the chances that your new pup will be happy and healthy.

Wholesale breeding of puppies guarantees that the "quality" of the merchandise will be poor. Large commercial dog breeders do not and cannot screen their breeding stock for genetic, inherited problems."

Proper critical socialization of masses of pups is impossible…. More here… and More here….

We love our family's love story. Our puppies are our first children. We rescued them all and in turn they rescued us. Doubt anyone could love you more than a dog. — Marika Dimitriadis.
Why You Should Never Buy a Puppy Online, ASPCA
Luckily, many animal lovers are becoming aware that purchasing a dog—or any animal, for that matter—from a pet store is a big no-no. Most pet store puppies come from puppy mills, where dogs are housed in cramped, filthy conditions without sufficient veterinary care, food, water and socialization. Furthermore, the breeding dogs at puppy mills—the moms and dads—are bred as often as possible without rest between litters, in order to increase profits. More…

This is Indie. She is our beloved rescue Pitt bull from the local Canine Rehabilitation Center & Sanctuary.

She was an owner surrender set to be put to sleep because her owners described her as 'vicious to other animals'.

…well she now lives with 5 kids and 3 cats and does wonderfully. I can't imagine the level of tragedy it would have been to have this gentle soul destroyed. She is amazing, the best dog I have EVER owned and perfect for our family!!!

And as you can see here, she's clearly very vicious toward other animals!

—Tami Karr

In the Market for a Puppy? Humane Society of the United States

Greyson, adopted from the Nevada Humane Society, 2012. "When we first brought him home, he was very on-edge, timid and extremely cautious of who came near him and what they were going to do. He had to have been abused or hurt in some way by his previous owner. But after a couple weeks of showering him with love and affection and earning his trust, he is the happiest, sweetest, most loving and LOYAL dog you could ask for."

"This is my son and his dog that we rescued from an abusive home that threw him out into the street." —Denisse Reyes

"Lounging with the family. Kona (the shar-pei mix) on the right of this pic was adopted into our family as an adult. We don't know his age, but he's a gentle sweetie." —Marisa Pinto
Before you buy a puppy, see these six tips on avoiding puppy mills

The first step on the road to pet ownership is to ask yourself some tough questions: Why do you want a puppy? Can you afford one? Are you prepared to take care of a dog every day for his entire life?

If you've decided you're ready for a dog, follow The HSUS' top five puppy buying tips and you'll be far more likely to secure a healthy, well-socialized dog who doesn't drain your emotions or your pocketbook. One, in other words, who doesn't come from a puppy mill.

  1. Consider adoption. Adopting a dog instead of buying one is one of the surest ways to strike a blow against puppy mills. To find the perfect match, you'll want to choose the right one for you and your lifestyle. Animal shelters have dozens of dogs, many of them purebreds, just waiting for homes. There are also breed specific rescue groups for every breed of dog, including "designer" or "hybrids" like Labradoodles and Puggles. Mixed-breed dogs also make wonderful pets. Read more about adopting a puppy through a shelter or breed rescue group

  2. Find a responsible breeder and visit their premises. Responsible breeders provide a loving and healthy environment for their canine companions, one that they will be proud to show you. Never buy a puppy without seeing where they and their parents are raised and housed with your own eyes. Read more on how to find a responsible dog breeder

  3. Don't be fooled by common claims made by pet stores when pushing their puppies. Despite what they may tell you, pet stores do sell puppy mill puppies. Read more about the false claims commonly made by pet stores at the Pet Store Doublespeak page

  4. Don't be swayed by a great website or ad. Just because a website says great things about their "home raised" or "family raised" puppies doesn't make it true. Many puppy millers pose as small family breeders online and in newspaper and magazine ads. For many years The HSUS has aided local authorities in the rescue of puppy mill dogs across the nation. In almost all cases the puppy mills sold puppies via the Internet using legitimate-looking ads or websites that made claims that couldn't have been farther from the truth.
  5. Avoid the temptation to "rescue" a puppy mill puppy by buying him. Even though your intentions may be good, don't buy a puppy with the idea that you are "rescuing" him or her. Your "rescue" opens up space for another puppy mill puppy and puts money into the pockets of the puppy mill industry. Pet stores won't leave their cages empty and websites won't leave their pages blank. The money you spend on your puppy goes right back to the puppy mill operator and ensures they will continue breeding and treating dogs inhumanely. If you see someone keeping puppies in poor conditions, alert your local animal control authorities instead of buying.

  6. Do your part: Pledge to help stop puppy mills! Choose not to buy your next pet from a pet store or Internet site, and refuse to buy supplies from any pet store or Internet site that sells puppies. Sign here
  7. More…

Puppy-Friendly Pet Stores: We support the stores that don't support cruel puppy mills
The Humane Society of the United States
We can help pet stores that sell puppies switch to a more humane model.

By offering puppies for adoption from nearby shelters or moving to a supplies-only model, stores can save the lives of animals in search of homes, and save the breeding dogs trapped in puppy mills. The humane model can also bring in new customers and attract positive media attention for the store.

Many dog lovers prefer to buy supplies from a puppy-friendly pet store and get a puppy the right way. More…

My son and my rescue sharpei pitbull mix, Hank!

—Haleigh Cammon

DJ Pauly D vs. Puppy Mills: "Adopt, Don't Shop!" ASPCA, 7/2013.
Listen up! I bet you didn't know that most puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills, which are large-scale breeding facilities where people value money more than they do the welfare of the dogs. The dogs in puppy mills don't get to play, don't get daily walks and don't get the love that animals deserve. Imagine man's best friend living in a cage only six inches longer than its body in each direction—for their entire lives! And that's completely legal. It's messed up.

If a pet store tells you they don't get their puppies from puppy mills, don't believe them. It would be like me telling you I don't use hair gel. The ASPCA launched a new tool on its "No Pet Store Puppies" website showing that "USDA licensed" doesn't mean much. The current USDA standards are so weak that dogs in these breeding facilities are often mistreated and suffer from lack of vet care. More…

See more images of Puppy Mills at Illinois' Puppy Mill Project.

Here's our three rescues.. Zero the Doberman, lily the red girl pit and Clyde the deaf, "kid aggressive" on death row male pit They look vicious huh? Lol

These guys are lovie and loyal to the core, happy to be loved and spoiled!! As u can see Clyde is very kid aggressive hahaha so he was deaf from birth, adopted a few times and when we got him half his teeth were kicked in and broken, tail had been broken by kids who would torment him because he couldn't hear, also the teeth being kicked in.. A child grabbed his tail and startled him, he turned and bit.. Not breaking skin but a bite from a "pitbull" so they were going to put him down. We heard about him, met him and fell in love and through CRCS we brought him home!!! He is the most gentle and loving dog I've ever met.

Lily we rescued from Elko nv, she was kept in a motel bathroom and abused by a man from what we can tell. Zero was adopted when the last owners left him outside 24/7, rain, snow... No shelter. Now these three have dog beds, people beds, free roam of the house, every toy, treat and comfort you could ask for!! We find ourselves sitting on the floor sometimes because they are comfy on the couch lol —Brian Skelvis Daniels & Brandy Ellison

How to Avoid Puppy Mills, Cesar Millan, Dog Rescue.
Puppy mills can be a danger for families that want to adopt a new dog. A puppy mill is a breeding facility with the sole purpose of churning out the most dogs for the least money - and to make the most profit.

Avoid pet stores, newspaper ads, and great deals online!

Many puppy mills supply local pet stores with false information. Remember Bandit from Season 2 of The Dog Whisperer? His website said that he was from a licensed breeder, but he turned out to be the product of a puppy mill, costing his new family thousands of dollars in vet bills and heartache over his life-threatening health and behavioral problems. More…

Top 5 Myths About Shelter Dogs, Cesar Millan, Dog Rescue.
  1. They're in the shelter because something is wrong with them
  2. You'll never know their history
  3. They may have a disease
  4. They aren't purebred
  5. They're too old

Clark is a rescue from a breeder and has a lifetime of problems.

He is happy now, but remains untouchable by anyone other than me.

—Sonja Mills

"Shelter Me," Premiers on PBS in February

Episode 2 is now available on DVD.

Episode 1 is on Netflix

My pitbull mix, Hank, and his little sister Maizy, also a pitbull mix. Both rescues!

—Haleigh Cammon

Know of another Cruelty-Free animal/pet/companion service in Northern Nevada?

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Adopting An Animal Companion

Search tool to find the right animal to welcome into your home.
See many of the companion animals up for adoption with the many agencies in Washoe County using the Adopt A Pet Online Tool. Support Adoption and Rescue. Why go to a dog breeder, cat breeder or pet store to buy a dog or buy a cat when you can adopt? More….

Petfinder online search tool to find your next companion!


Report A Problem With A Purchased Puppy

If you have had an experience with a sick puppy from a local Reno store, please contact us.

The Humane Society of the United States is collecting complaints and problems with puppies bought at retail stores.

Use their form to help them gather a database of puppies who became sick shortly after buying and puppies believed to have come from a puppy mill.

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