Two 2020 bans had stores

Our sister site, is reporting jurisdictions that are passing bans that have active stores in them is on the rise. Our current count is 72, though there may be more.


The long-standing fight in Naperville, Illinois finally came to a righteous conclusion last month when a 6 year battle—only bested by our battle in Reno which has had overwhelming support for passage for 7 years—finally passed putting beleaguered Petland and Happiness is Pets on notice: when 2021 comes along, no more puppy mill store dogs and cats in your windows.


Olympia, Washington had a live animal sales pet store for only a matter of weeks before a veterinarian council member said, “Enough is enough!”

The council’s first reading (video timestamp 25:00) passed unanimously. Hopefully the small franchise’s store in Puyallup will undergo the same fate with an 8th ban passed in Washington state.