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Read and see photos in this Documentation from the indictment.

Next Court Date

Trial By Jury: March 6, 2023

Nearly 3 years since indictment.

What if this had been a day care center charged with cruelty and torture leading to death? Would it still be open?

2nd Judicial Court

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Previous Court Dates


Status hearing results in yet another delay to Trial By Jury. The next item on the Schneider's docket is none other than another status hearing after the new year, 1/12/22.


Schneiders fired clown show "lawyers," hired ambulance chasers. New lawyers granted 60 days to lodge, modify or cancel existing motions. Prosecutor has 30 days to respond. Defense has 10 days to reply. Hearing on how everything is going, November 10, 2020, 10a.

March 10, 2021

Hearing to update court on trial

April 5, 2021

Trial tentatively scheduled


Writ Denied gavel

Judge denies plea to dismiss case against Schneiders

Blog: Clown show of dismissing case against Schneiders is over. Technicality kings couldn't budge the judge


Writ of Habeas Corpus

Lawyers for the accused were presenting the case that the owners should have all charges dropped when court was evacuated with the building reportedly under a bomb threat. The hearing was reset for this date.

Pet store owners want charges dropped, KOLO 8 News Now

Big frickin' waste of time, but their Liars have to at least make a pretense of earning the big sums they command.

Rick Cornell, according to his website, has made a career out of getting people off or into retrials based on technicalities, including getting murderer Darren Mack a hearing for a retrial on the technicality that his lawyers didn't do their job. Guess who that lawyer was? That's right, none other than the judge in this case, Judge Freeman.

Cornell is defending Leilani, the one accused of murdering a puppy. Our guess is Leilani will switch lawyers when it comes down to the trial as maneuvering through a courtroom defense is not Cornell's specialty. As in the Mack retrial, he got the technicality accepted, but he did not litigate the (unsuccessful) retrial itself. He's trying his best to get the case dismissed on a technicality, but, so far, their whiny pleas about how the DA and the State did everything wrong is pretty pathetic even from a novice court room observer's point of view.

Schneider's lawyer, Carter King, has erased his history from the Internet. Not a habit of highly successful people.... What is he hiding, one wonders? Public has no way of tracking his success rate. Which usually means there isn't one.

Not knowing who Mr. King was at the time, several activists have told us they thought he was a street person when they were approached aggressively by him during their filming by a local news station. He was smoking heavily, dressed shabbily, and all three remarked the smell of alcohol was heavy on his breath. He came in close to interfere with the chanting being filmed and nearly burned a female by waving the cigarette close to her face. Well, no one says a lawyer has to be dignified or even sober to do their job.....

See the Court Docs section to read the writ.





Court Documents


18 September

28 August

Judicial Members

judge Department 9, Chief Judge Honorable Scott N. Freeman
DA Washoe County District Attorney Christopher J. Hicks

On the docket to be tried by Deputy DA Christopher Day

defense Carter Ross King, Defense Atty for SCHNEIDER
defense Rick Cornell, Defense Atty for TAU-SCHNEIDER

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