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County Announcement of Grand Jury indictments handed down to owners of puppy stores in Reno and Sparks
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Schneiders accused of animal torture and death

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Reno Business Licensing Asking for Public Comments

Send an email to [email protected].

Due to COVID-19, Reno is asking stakeholders to email their comments in lieu of public hearings.

Only a single sentence or 2 needed in support of an end to the commercial sales of dogs and cats in retail stores.

You might add one or more of the following animals we also support:

Details: City of Reno page asking for public comment.

Consider asking for stronger penalties and enforcement and that the amortization period be reduced to effective immediately, which still could take up to 3 months to become law. 6 months could turn into 9 months.

Saturday, April 25
11a - 1pm
Corner of Neal Rd & S. Virginia

Need a BIG community turnout to let LOCAL ELECTED OFFICIALS and THE COURT know:

Reno, Sparks and Washoe County want an end to puppy mill stores!

  • Bring your freshly painted signs!
  • Wear bright clothes or costumes!
  • Put on some face paint!
  • Bring a drum, cymbals or pots and pans to bang!
  • Bring your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers!
  • Let's make a festival of noise for the animals!

Details and updates on our blog and calendar.

Puppies Plus, RENO
6405 S. Virginia Street #1, Reno, just SW of Neil Rd & S. Virginia

Puppy Love, SPARKS
5318 Sparks Boulevard #100, Sparks

Puppy Plus and Puppy Love long-standing "F" from BBB

BBB accreditation
Puppies Plus Better Business Bureau Rating "F" →

Sign our petition to local officials to pass a ban on ending retail sales of dogs, cats and rabbits in the Truckee Meadows.

Hosted at Google for verification purposes. Use your Google Log-in (or create one) to sign and share:

Puppy Store Protesters in the News Again 10/6/19

Kolo TV 8, Reno
sad pup


With the news that the owners have been indicted for animal cruelty, many in the community are wondering

"What about my dog or cat?"

That's a good question!

If so, would you be willing to test your dog's DNA (your expense) to see if s/he is a purebred?

Let us know by sending an email to PMFR or message us on FB

Did you finance your puppy at either the Reno or Sparks puppy store?

If you were talked into or otherwise took advantage of financing offered by Puppies Plus in Reno or Puppy Love in Sparks, we'd like to hear from you. Send us an email or message us on FB

Cerdova Pet Funding
Washoe Seal

Contact Animal Services

• If you've experienced health or behavior issues with your dog or cat

• If your financing agreement with the store includes LEASING

• Are you a current or former employee that quit because of the treatment of dogs, the blatant disregard for their care and treatment?

Did you take puppies home to care for them because you knew they would not make it through the night?

PLEASE CONTACT ANIMAL SERVICES IMMEDIATELY AT 775-353-8900 and tell them you have new information on the puppy store.

Or send an email with details to [email protected].

• No matter how small you think the matter might be, they could use your help in their ongoing investigation.


OR you can contact the DA's office directly if you have had a situation with the Puppy Mill Stores: (775) 328-3200

If you aren't sure if your issue is relevant (they probably all are helpful in some way you might not even know), or want advice or clarification, send us an email or message us on FB.


Contact Sparks City Council

Contact each member of the Sparks City Council at once by using this email address.

Ask them to please do what Reno City Council is doing: end the sales of dogs, cats and rabbits in the city limits once and for all.

email Sparks Council

Contact Washoe County Commission

Contact each member of the Washoe County Commission at once using this email address.

Ask them to please do what Reno City Council is doing and end the sales of dogs, cats and rabbits in the county once and for all.

email the commission

Contact Washoe District Attorney in Support of Court Case

District Attorney Scott Hicks, Jr.

Thank them for bringing this case, so supported by the Northern Nevada Community, to court. Anyone have any information to give, contact them here.

email the DA's Office