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"It's hard to resist those big, pleading eyes in the pet store window. But buyer beware. Pet store puppies may infect people with a bacteria for which no common antibiotic treatment exists, a new study warns," UPI Science News, 9/2021 More →
Grady's Law We Won!

Reno Orders Puppy Store to Close, Bans Sales of Dogs, Cats EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!

Trial By Jury

Charges dismissed

Washoe County Judge and DA disgrace themselves

Judge Freeman and DA Christopher Hicks, recently re-elected, bent over backwards to accommodate defense by extending trial dates inordinately for an unheard of 3½ years, giving defense time enough to do whatever it takes to win, likely with the backing of the organization formerly knows at PIJAC, now rebranded as a benign Pet Advocacy Network, which has worked tirelessly (and mostly ineffectively) for years to end puppy mill store bans. They did succeed, however, in passing legislation in AZ and OH to ban municipal puppy mill store bans on a statewide level, though they tried unsuccessfully to pass same in ½ a dozen other states.

All that time gave the Defense the opportunity to weaken the prosecution's case. Who knows, possibly buying off witnesses or gathering money-crazed veterinarians who might testify that the Schneiders' torturous methods were AOK by them. The DA clearly didn't want to take the chance of losing the case, the cowards, for the original indictment is very hard to argue with: The Schneiders clearly appeared to be practicing veterinary medicine without a license to do so, resulting in the illness and untimely deaths of puppies in their care. Had this been a child day-care center, would the business had been allowed to remain open after such dereliction of duty to the innocents who were at the mercy of their safe-keeping? Then why was the puppy store allowed to continue to garner obscene profits over their mostly inbred puppy mill-produced animals, all the while continuing to garrison their defense?


A recall of DA Christopher Hicks, due to incompetency, would not be inordinate in this case. Puppy Mill Free Reno/Sparks/Washoe/Northern Nevada encourages a recall petition and a special election to restore faith and competency to a disgraced and shameful Washoe County District Attorney's Office at once!

See our gavel Inside the Courtroom page for documents, dates and profiles and how to watch live online.

See our fiber_new Blog for updates, latest information and opinions.

• See redacted court documents and photos on our Courtroom page. Warning: images will be upsetting to the compassionate.
• Pet Store owners charged with illegally practicing veterinary medicine open_in_new
County Announcement of Grand Jury indictments handed down to owners of puppy stores in Reno and Sparks
• See our News Coverage page for stories dating back to 2014

Puppy Mill Store Realities

Former Employee Speaks Out

Reno Store GONE!

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store GONE!

Reno Municipal Code online

Sec. 4.04.067. - Retail sale of dogs and cats in commercial establishments.

(1) The retail sale (including both primary and accessory use) of dogs and cats in pet stores and/or commercial establishments shall be prohibited.

a. Breeders that do not exceed the commercial breeder threshold, as defined by Washoe County, are exempt from this prohibition.

(2) A pet store may provide space to an animal rescue organization to offer to the public dogs or cats for adoption; provided that the pet store shall not have any ownership interest in the animals offered and shall not receive any fee for providing space or for the adoption of any of the animals.

a. An animal rescue organization means an animal control center, animal shelter, or nonprofit organization that has tax-exempt status under Section 50l(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code, whose mission and practice is the rescue and placement of animals in permanent homes. This term does not include an entity that breeders or brokers animals or obtains animals from breeders or brokers in exchange of payment or compensation.

(Ord. No. 6575, § 1, 8-12-20)

Editor's note— Ord. No. 6575, § 1, adopted August 12, 2020, repealed the former § 4.04.067, and enacted a new § 4.04.067 as set out herein. The former § 4.04.067 pertained to 'Moratorium on the acceptance of business license applications for pet stores intending to conduct sales of dogs, cats or rabbits' and derived from Ord. No. 6329, § 1, adopted April 16, 2014.




Puppy in makeshift box.
Puppy in makeshift hack "medical procedure" in the backroom of Puppies Plus. If you bought a dog from the Schneider's stores that has behavioral problems, this could be one reason why. From redacted court documents acquired by Puppy Mill Free Reno. Entire court document with incidents and photos.


Contact Sparks City Council before 8/24 Council Meeting

Ask them to pass an end to sales of dogs and cats in retail stores in Sparks


Contact Sparks City Council

Contact each member of the Sparks City Council at once by using this email address.

Ask them to please do what Reno City Council is doing: end the sales of dogs, cats and rabbits in the city limits once and for all.

email Sparks Council

Moment of Celebration

Reno Council unanimously votes for Puppy Mill Store closures and ban.

Reno Council

Puppy Plus and Puppy Love long-standing "F" from BBB

BBB accreditation
Puppies Plus Better Business Bureau Rating "F" →
sad pup


With the news that the owners have been indicted for animal cruelty, many in the community are wondering

"What about my dog or cat?"

That's a good question!

  • Do you believe you were sold a dog or cat as a purebred and paid a premium because of it?
  • Do you still have your original paperwork?
  • Want to know if the breeder is considered a puppy mill?
  • hint: they all are, but we can see which one and what violations they have.

If so, would you be willing to test your dog's DNA (your expense) to see if s/he is a purebred?

Let us know by sending an email to PMFR or message us on FB

Did you finance your puppy at either the Reno or Sparks puppy store?

If you were talked into or otherwise took advantage of financing offered by Puppies Plus in Reno or Puppy Love in Sparks, we'd like to hear from you. Send us an email or message us on FB

Cerdova Pet Funding
Washoe Seal

Contact Animal Services

• If you've experienced health or behavior issues with your dog or cat

• If your financing agreement with the store includes LEASING

• Are you a current or former employee that quit because of the treatment of dogs, the blatant disregard for their care and treatment?

Did you take puppies home to care for them because you knew they would not make it through the night?

PLEASE CONTACT ANIMAL SERVICES IMMEDIATELY AT 775-353-8900 and tell them you have new information on the puppy store.

Or send an email with details to pets@washoecounty.us.

• No matter how small you think the matter might be, they could use your help in their ongoing investigation.


OR you can contact the DA's office directly if you have had a situation with the Puppy Mill Stores: (775) 328-3200

If you aren't sure if your issue is relevant (they probably all are helpful in some way you might not even know), or want advice or clarification, send us an email or message us on FB.


Contact Washoe County Commission

Contact each member of the Washoe County Commission at once using this email address.

Ask them to please do what Reno City Council is doing and end the sales of dogs, cats and rabbits in the county once and for all.

email the commission

Contact Washoe District Attorney in Support of Court Case

District Attorney Scott Hicks, Jr.

Thank them for bringing this case, so supported by the Northern Nevada Community, to court. Anyone have any information to give, contact them here.

email the DA's Office