AKC “Licensing” is a Sham. Everybody knows that, right?

Quite awhile ago now, NBC’s TODAY show presented a scathing exposé on ACK registration of puppies coming out of puppy mill pet stores, proving that the piece of paper a customer gets from a puppy store that shows the pup as AKC licensed is bought and paid for by the breeder. The huge revenue AKC gets from automatic licensing of any puppy in a puppy mill pays for their extravagant yearly dog show.

Despite the national terrible press for the AKC, nothing has changed.

A three-month investigation by The Canine Review found that the go-to authority on dogs is designating thousands of breeders as “Breeders of Merit” without any prerequisite onsite inspection, even as the AKC assures the public on its website that it considers them “the most conscientious and most committed breeders.”


The Canine Review has found that the world’s authority on dogs is making promises on its website about its quality controls that it cannot possibly be keeping. 

In AKC We Trust, The Canine Review
  • They can’t possibly keep up inspections with only a dozen or so inspectors for 11,000 registered breeders.
  • Any puppy miller can go online and get the license as long as they pay the proper fee.
  • Dupes who go to puppy stores because they didn’t do their homework so don’t know any better see AKC REGISTERED on a pup’s paperwork and believe that justifies the $2,000 (and up) price tag.

And that’s why ending puppy sales in retail stores is an animal welfare issue as well as a consumer fraud issue.